About us

Dynamic Parking Systems (DPS) is a company with over eleven years experience in providing managed parking solutions for the South African market. THE DPS PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM was tested, approved and implemented in South Africa in January 2000 and was  tested, for more than a year with outstanding success, before it was offered to the South African Market.

The company provides and has provided parking management services to more than 20 towns

and cities in South Africa. DPS has via its implementing agents created approximately 500 jobs. The company is headed by Dewald Brand who has 32 years experience in electronic engineering. The company has developed and manufactured technology designed to provide solution for the South African environment.


Many attempts to regulate vehicle movement, parking and car guards by whatever means have had limited or no success in the past.  Amidst the ever-upward spiralling crime statistics it was time to find a solution from Africa for Africa as circumstances here differ from the Western world to a large extent. Thus, a new and revolutionary approach to address common problems was born: THE DPS PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  To date it has only been an absolute success story.




Dynamic parking Systems continually strives for the following values:


Excellence - Developing solutions for complex public challenges requires creative thinking and the highest standards of professional integrity. We promote a culture of learning, innovation, productivity and professional responsibility.


Empowerment - We create opportunities for people to participate actively in decision‑making processes and to assume shared responsibility for addressing public challenges.


Equity - Projects that contribute to sustainable development must be based on fairness and justice. We promote these values in all our work, giving particular attention to the needs of disadvantaged communities.


Stewardship - Stewardship is an ethic of caring for nature. We seek to live in harmony with nature by developing and sharing with others a better understanding of the role, function and value of natural systems.


In order to apply these values, we constantly seek to generate practical outcomes that will contribute to sustainable development. We assume the role of independent and impartial specialist advisors. We are non‑aligned and are therefore not obligated to any particular stakeholder. We treat all stakeholders without prejudice. We are, however, not neutral ‑ we are advocates for sustainable development. Our values form an integral part of our training programme.


Patent Holder since 1999 under patent 99/6650 as also renewed as per the attached patent renewal certificate.