Parking MANAGEMENT by Dynamic parking systems (dps)

Handheld Parking Meter (SPM):


SPM is equipped with GSM for real-time communication. All parking info will immediately be transmitted via GSM to our Web Server. Checks can be done on the database for possible outstanding Notices of Intended Prosecution, Warrants of Arrest and possible stolen vehicles. This information can then be conveyed to Local Traffic Dept and the South African Police Service for action.



We’ve introduced a thermal slip printer for printing receipts, making prosecution effective.

eFine Device

Dynamic Parking Systems will issue this eFine Device (eFD) to the Municipal Wardens and the supervisors of the system. These Supervisors should be appointed as reservist Traffic Wardens.

The eFD has GSM connectivity connected to our live data base, and is used to capture evidence regarding bylaw transgressors.  The eFD is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel colour camera, a GPS, a 2D Barcode scanner as well as an RFiD reader-writer. This technology will therefore assist the municipal traffic wardens to promptly act against parking offences.

Violations to be captured:

a.         Double Parking

b.        Redline parking

c.         Yellow Line parking

d.        Parking on Disabled Bays

e.        Expiry Licence Disks

f.         Parking on sidewalks

g.         Parking facing oncoming traffic

h.        Obstruction

The eFD could be connected via BlueTooth to a printer, and print the section 341 notices immediately to be attached to vehicle. The picture taken of the violation could be available as evidence in prosecution.

All information is sent to the National server where the information could be made available to all Parking meters operators nationally for reminders to the offending vehicle.

With the aid of DYNAMIC PARKING SYSTEMS (DPS) technology, information can be made available to the municipality in order to assist with locating vehicles with outstanding warrants of arrest.