DPS is a private company specializing in street parking, and was established in 2000. The goal of the company has always been to create employment opportunities and to curb crime by simplifying law-enforcement. 




Dynamic Parking Systems also known as DPS, is a company supplying technology to the parking industry. We focus primarily on kerbside parking and the aim of our business model is to empower local entrepreneurs from the previously disadvantaged group into a successful, financially viable agreement with local municipalities.


DPS further offer assistance to local Councils with all aspects of the design, implementation, strategies of parking policies and regulations for sustainable entrepreneurial development.


We enhance community participation by liaising with relevant bodies such as the local chamber of commerce and the public to ensure acceptance of the system.


DPS has a long track record of managing complex parking projects for the development of issues related to inner-city parking. Dynamic Parking Systems liaises closely with local town councils, traffic departments, SAPS and local business to ensure optimal functioning of the system.


Dynamic Parking Systems replaces the pole mounted static parking meters (if existing) which clutters already congested pavements with a handheld data collection unit operated by a parking marshal. This data collection unit is our Smart Parking Meter commonly referred to as our SPM.


Our vision is to create not only safer roads but also offers effective kerbside parking solutions within our cities.  Dynamic Parking Systems provides the technology for Advanced Electronic Traffic and Bylaw Enforcement, with an online software database integrating hardware and official enforcement for the issuing, collection and management of traffic and bylaw violations.   Our Mission is to create a safe, secure and family-friendly environment in the community and to create local employment opportunities and also introduce new technology to address violation challenges.


Dynamic Parking Systems offer immediate implementation with no Investment Cost to City.  DPS  has been running successful operations for over 12 Years.  The implementation of a parking solution will generate

Employment, increase income substantially and lead directly to safer and secure environment on your roads.  The solutions we propose address and facilitate Crime Prevention, Traffic Management and also the Administration Unit.  Our software and hardware will support and enhance a safe and crime free environment.


“Traffic law enforcement remains one of South Africa's biggest problems", (Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele Traffic Safety Summit, 2010-09-10).  It is a known fact that numerous road users deem it necessary to flaunt the traffic rules.  Many more people commonly break the local by laws.  Cameras have the advantage of generating income for the municipality, increasing employment and boosting security.


With our high technology Camera system and handheld parking meters in partner with traffic wardens, we can make our South African roads safer and reduce crime on the streets.